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Pakistan vs Ireland Match Cricket Highlights World Cup 2015

Yesterday, match was played between New Zealand VS Bangladesh. Both are the teams of Pool A. Both teams are the qualifiers. Both of them knew that result of this match wouldn’t affect the position of the teams. New Zealand is the unbeaten team of this tournament. 
While Bangladesh is that team whom, no was expecting to be the qualifier but it did. Bangladesh is probably the hard working team except any other team. It qualified and remained in the top 4 teams although it didn’t have the talent. Lack of talent means that like other teams of Australia, New Zealand, England etc, it doesn’t has any batsmen or bowlers. All the players don’t have any such exposure. Players don’t use to play on the fast pitches. Might be players and the team have the financial crisis while England doesn’t have any such issue. 
The most non deserving team in this tournament is England. England has been eliminated except of having such talented and experienced players. Match of Bangladesh against the most powerful team of cricket New Zealand was not that easy. Even it is predictable that it would be one sided and New Zealand will beat the Bangladesh single hand. But Bangladesh didn’t allow New Zealand to do so. New Zealand could win the match only from 3 wickets. 
Although Bangladesh can’t win the world cup but the thing to be amazed is that such an unusual team has qualified to upper level. New Zealand has won the last match by 3 wickets only. And as a result, New Zealand has made itself as the unbeaten and powerful team in the pool matches. Now, tomorrow, match will be played between Pakistan and Ireland. 
Pakistan VS Ireland will be tough competition though. Pakistan still has many difficult stairs to climb up. If Pakistan wins the match against Ireland, then it will surely qualify for the quarter final. But the most possible chance of quarter final of Pakistan will be against Australia. 
To play the semi-final against Australia on its own ground is the most difficult task to do. The most important match of Pakistan of pool is against Ireland tomorrow. While the most important match of the Pakistan of world cup is against Australia in the semi-final. Ireland will always have the pressure of facing the big team like Pakistan. Pakistan shouldn't be pressurized by the Ireland, it is the small team and the small team always remains the small.
Pak vs Ire 15 March
Pakistan should hurry to beat the Ireland in the last match of the pool. Match against Ireland is important for Pakistan in a way that it is the hurdle for Pakistan to be in the quarter final. Pakistan should cross the hurdle to qualify. Then Pakistan will be independent of its run rate. It will certainly qualify for the quarter final.

If West Indies wins the match against UAE, and it will certainly will. Then Ireland will depend on the match against Pakistan. If Ireland loses tomorrow, it will be dependent on its run rate. 

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